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                            Professional Career Progres

             Personalized, Customized & Maximized Search

Career Evaluation

We painstakingly evaluate your past roles, experience, accomplishments and skills. Our team then expertly incorporates that information to package you and your transferable skills in a manner that presents you in the best possible light.



Strategic Branding

For hiring personnel sifting through thousands of resumes and conducting scores of interviews, applicants can easily begin resembling carbon copies of one another. They see a lot of hype and headlines, but cannot grasp the real substance of so many candidates. We help those hiring parties see the full scope of the person behind the resume -- because when they discover the full measure of our well-presented clients, real progress follows.

Our team goes to great lengths to thoroughly document each client's career, deriving value propositions for everything they've done, while framing these in a manner that best matches current market trends.  We often unearth previously-unconsidered skills, while minimizing their limitations and deftly couching their professional experience in a way that effectively capitalizes on their talents.

Effective Career Outreach

We've proven to be very effective and have considerable reach into every segment of the Job Market. 

We’ve helped many high-level professionals who are looking to change positions - or who are between careers -identify, pursue and secure ideal career opportunities.

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