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Charles B. 


I was a Solutions Engineer for Verizon before being laid off. I went on a lot of interviews and made it to the 2nd or 3rd round four or five times. But I never got any offers. I got a call from one of OnwardMax's Executive Sales Assistants. I spoke to nice gal who told me a good amount about their program.  I was scheduled to speak with one of OnwardMax's higher-ups, who impressed me with his understanding of the executive hiring process. I wound up in agreement with him about some of my resume’s shortcomings. I was happily surprised to learn some of the ways they get access to unpublished job openings. Even if I hadn’t hired them, I would have been satisfied with some of the important things I picked up just during the initial discussion – ways I’d been short-selling myself without even realizing it. This was nowhere near as high-pressure a sales call as I had been bracing for. They even offered me a commitment-free opportunity to try the program first so that could get a better feel for their program before having to decide. Their Executive Interviewer clearly have a real grasp for how to minimize my weaknesses and maximize my strengths. I liked what I learned about smart ways to negotiate compensation. So I hired them. They helped me land a very desirable role that paid more than I'd ever earned previously. I've since recommended them to a few colleagues, all of whom gave me favorable feedback.

Delores M.

I’m a sales and marketing executive with an extensive background in selling lighting devices for a variety of applications. After 15 years with a good company, a series of mergers and acquisitions threatened my job security.


I was referred by a friend to OnwardMax. I was intrigued by what an alternate approach might yield. I messaged them and was contacted by one of their schedulers. This woman gathered some info from me about what I was looking for and what methods I’d been using, etc. She set up an appointment for me to speak with one of their Executive Sales Assistants.


I liked what I learned during that  free consultation. Best of all, they offered me a chance to try it first, without any commitment or charge. I was impressed with how that went, so I then made the leap and hired them.


After spending an extensive amount of time gathering info, they wrote a much better resume than I had before. They started marketing me on a big scale. It included a lot of exposure to venture capital firms and private equity groups. This led to a series of interviews with a start-up in my field that’s well funded and staffed by people who appreciate my know-how and work ethic. 

I’ve been with the new company three months now and I’m quite happy so far. 

Gordon T.


Several years ago, I decided to leave my CEO position with a financial services company to start my own consulting business. I have lots of contacts, and I was able to do quite well advising companies on how to streamline, how to develop new business opportunities, how to market themselves successfully, how to raise investment capital, and how to grow revenues and margins despite the recession. In some cases, I filled interim C-suite positions for my clients to get the companies turned around, and then I helped them select their permanent leader.  I have had as little or as much work as I wanted, but I miss having the structure of a full-time position in a company that handles the marketing, billing, insurance, travel plans, payroll, etc. As I began my search, I didn’t find anything that looked interesting, and I quickly became frustrated. I received a call from OnwardMax, and the representative spent a lot of time describing their services, and we discussed exploring other industries. I also learned that OnwardMax could help me find an interim position to fill while I am looking for a more permanent position. The quickly came through and set me up with a VC group that placed me with a company that needed a great deal of turnaround assistance. I continued to go on interviews, and I started negotiating with a wonderful company in the investment management market. It worked out well because I was just about to finish up my interim position, so I had a few weeks of vacation and started my new position in September. OnwardMax supported me throughout the whole process. Neither the interim position nor my new permanent position was posted or advertised anywhere, so it is unlikely that I would ever have found them on my own.

Russell P.

As a life-long military officer, the prospect of working in the civilian world was both exciting and frightening. I had been using my contacts and network to talk to Defense contractors, but the Defense budget is so tight, none of them could afford to hire someone at my level. They admitted that I could help their businesses, but they just couldn’t pay me. I was a bit at a loss about what to do next. A friend told me that he had worked with OnwardMax and was very pleased with their services and had a great position they had found for him. I decided to give it a try, and was struck by how they spent so much time helping me explore other industries I might fit. I had a lot of logistics experience, moving vehicles and camps around in the desert, and they suggested that I explore industry and retail. With the growth of companies that sell their products online, both to consumers and to other companies. I found a great position in a niche market that is really growing, and I am heading up logistics for a company that wholesales heavy machinery to construction and transportation companies. I am thoroughly enjoying my work and coming up with ideas for expanding our product line. Our revenues and margins are up, and I hope to stay here for at least a decade.

Lisa G.

Being downsized was one of the most traumatic events of my adult life. I had spent more than 9 years as my company’s COO, spokesperson, strategic planner, facilities expander, product developer, you name it, and I did it. I felt terrible that the board no longer thought that I was a key player after so many good years. Frankly, my confidence level was at an all-time low, and, after 6 months, I was worried that I would never get another job. The money I had invested for retirement was disappearing, and I didn’t know where to turn. I was contacted by someone from OnwardMax, and I was so pleased that she really listened to me and offered insightful observations, and asked great questions.


Once I signed up for the service, I was really impressed that the CEO of OnwardMax spent hours with me discussing my career and trying to find out how I did things, as well as my philosophy, career strategies, etc. Then I spoke with their Executive Interveiwer, who probed and prodded to learn why I did things throughout my career and showing me threads and patterns in my career that I had never even thought about. It was clear that they wanted to understand me before they tried to market me.


The system was empowering, and I started receiving emails and calls from interested companies soon after OnwardMax's Program Administrators started their outreach process. It took several months, but I joined a wonderful company where I feel confident I can spend the rest of my career. I would never have landed this position, which wasn’t posted anywhere, if not for the time and energy the team at OnwardMax spent on me.

Patrick A.


With the recent rise in interest rates, I'd been taking a big hit in the mortgage and lending industry. However, there is a great need for ethical executives to lead companies that play an important role in the economy. I had lost my executive position with a major mortgage company and was working with a bank to assess applications for car loans and consumer loans. It was not challenging, but at least I had a job. I have one son in college and another who will start in a year. I was neither challenged nor particularly happy, so I posted my resume online. When I heard from OnwardMax, I thought it was just another recruiter trying to make me part with my money. I spoke with the representative 2 times, asking lots of questions. To my surprise I always received great answers, and there was no pressure to “sign up today to take advantage of these savings.” When I felt totally comfortable, I signed on with OnwardMaxThey had many contacts in the mortgage industry, and they were able to get my profile in front of decision makers. I found a position with a reputable mortgage company, and I am back in the business of helping customers purchase the homes of their dreams. I have a large staff, and I do a lot of training and advising. We run a tight ship, and we are negotiating a lot of solid mortgages. I am so happy that I worked with OnwardMax because I would never have found this job on my own. 

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