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Executive Sales



OnwardMax'Executive Sales Assistantbriefly explain our services while gathering from you and your profile what you’re looking for. They’ll note your current employment status, your reasons for looking, your current search methods and the extent to which you're meeting your goals.

 They’ll invite you to a Career Consultation with one of our highly-experienced and savvy Career Search Consultants.

Career Search Consultants

Our Career Search Consultants 

have considerable experience in both the employee-paid and employer-paid sides of the search industry – so you’ll get some very comprehensive perspective on how to move up in your career.

They’ll review your CV and consider it in the context of the notes our Executive Sales Assistants provided. They’ll explain more thoroughly the various aspects of the OnwardMax  trek – what you can reasonably expect to encounter and when. They’ll get a sense of your strong suits and where you may need improvement – as well as your overall suitability for the program. Such behavioral traits as follow-through, confidence and cordiality typically make for suitable and successful OnwardMaclients. 

Executive Interviewers/


Executive Interviewers/Coaches 

extensively discover all your talents, skills, value and accomplishments. They'll uncover hidden or under-emphasized attributes that warrant greater focus and highlighting. They'll assess and consider all career path options. They'll deftly zero-in on maximizing your strengths and minimizing any potential areas of vulnerability. Their convivial (yet consequential) back-and-forth yields insights that will prove indispensably valuable during the subsequent steps of our process.

Resume Writers



Our Resume Writers are well schooled in how to craft an attention-getting functional 

resume. In concert with our client, they arrive at a compelling document that’s not dependent upon tired buzzwords -- yet judiciously stocked with optimal key words. This is the hallmark of their work product. It’s expertly calibrated to resonate with those in a position to hire you.


They’ll arrive at alignment on branding strategy, ideas and concepts - and reliably meet deliverable timeline expectations. They’ll gather and examine pertinent branding items such as bio, employee reviews, recommendations, press releases, etc. They’ll engage in Q&A sessions to clarify and define career strategy, networking advice and branding counsel. They’ll ensure your functional resume is keyword-optimized so that you’re matched suitably with jobs. They’ll show you how to best explain your value without coming off like you’re boasting. They will hone your message for communicating with decision makers and help position you as a thought leader in your industry.

Program Administrators


Our Program Administrators submit

your resume to a massive number of opportunities -- some of them published and some unpublished. This is not merely posting to job boards - but rather a strategically comprehensive approach to provide maximum exposure.

They contact companies and introduce our clients. They utilize a vast network of contacts to get you results. All phone calls and e-mails come directly to you.

Our Program Administrators are monitoring the job market, further developing relationships with recruiters and hiring personnel, generating leads and getting you noticed. They’ll help you locate the most lucrative opportunities in your field, raise your profile and increase your value through modern networking channels. Our Program Administrators can expand your audience and amplify your voice. They uncover coveted openings

you'd otherwise never know existed. They will strategically target opportunities based on the industry, geography, job function and compensation range in which you're looking. They reach out to recruiters, headhunters and retained search firms, as well as specific companies that have published or unpublished career opportunities.  


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